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Clement Finch (1915-2010)

Clement Finch, MD

Clement (Clem) Alfred Finch, MD, was born on July 4, 1915, in upstate New York. With a father and grandfather who were physicians, and occasionally joining his father on evening house calls, Dr. Finch decided to follow in their footsteps. After his second year at the University of Rochester Medical School, Dr. Finch was offered the Dean's Fellowship to work with Nobel Prize winner George Whipple - a pillar at the school.

Although Dr. Finch didn't feel he "accomplished anything [in] particular," his first paper, on hemoglobin regeneration in dogs that had been bled, was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, which was not bad for a second-year student. Also, in Rochester he came into contact with Paul Hahn, who was working on iron metabolism, and, to a lesser extent, Joe Ross, whom Dr. Finch would later join in Boston.