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Explore the Rich History of ASH and Hematology

In April 1958, the first official meeting of the ѻý (ASH) was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where more than 300 hematologists gathered to discuss clinical and research matters related to blood and blood diseases. Since that initial meeting, ASH has played an active and important role in the development of hematology as a discipline.

For more than six decades, ASH has sponsored its annual meeting, the premier education and scientific event in the field of hematology, and has published the journal Blood, the most cited peer-reviewed publication in the field.

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50 Years in Hematology

Explore ASH's journey through 50 years of hematology excellence, tracing its remarkable progress in the field from 1958 to 2008.

Past President

Past Presidents

Learn about the significant figures shaping the Society's history – ASH presidents from 1959 to the present day.

Historical Documents

Historical Documents

View the historical documents offering deeper insights into the rich history of ASH and its renowned journal, Blood.

Check out ASH's oral history project, featuring interviews conducted by the Columbia University Oral History Research Office in the late 1980s to early 1990s. View profiles and insights from legends in hematology who have left an indelible mark on ASH's history and propelled the field forward.