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Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI)

ASH is committed to educating its members on how to become effective advocates for hematology research and practice. Since 2011, the ASH Advocacy Leadership Institute has provided additional opportunities for ASH members to learn about advocacy, health policy, the legislative process and to become engaged in the Society’s activities.

The 2024 ASH Advocacy Leadership Institute will be held in-person on September 24-25, 2024, at ASH headquarters in Washington, DC. This two-day workshop is an opportunity for ASH members to gain a better understanding of the Society and to learn about how Congress and health policy impact hematology research and practice.

The first day of the Institute focuses on learning about the legislative process and health policy; it will include training in the policy-making process and how to be an effective advocate. Speakers include ASH Government Relations and Practice staff, ASH members active in advocacy efforts, and individuals from advocacy organizations, congressional offices, and federal agencies. On the second day, participants will meet with the offices of their Representatives and Senators to apply what was learned on the first day of the program.

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2024 Advocacy Leadership Institute are now open through May 15, 2024. Individuals may nominate more than one colleague to participate in the Advocacy Leadership Institute and self-nominations are welcome. ASH is looking for a group of participants from across the country, with diverse experience and hematologic interests (i.e., malignant and non-malignant) and from different practice/research settings. Candidates must be current ASH members, U.S. citizens, and interested in health policy and advocacy, and must want to become more involved in ASH activities. For more information, please email ASH Senior Manager, Legislative Advocacy, Tracy Roades.

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominees must be a current ASH member (nominations are open to all membership levels, including trainees)
  • Nominees must be a United States citizen

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If you have any questions about the ASH Advocacy Leadership Institute, please contact ASH Senior Manager, Legislative Advocacy, Tracy Roades, at [email protected] or (202) 776-0544.