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About ASH

ASH Foundation Committee

Committee Roster

James LaBelle, MD, PhD  ('25)

Vice Chair
Anupama Narla, MD  ('25)

Appointed Members
Maureen Okam Achebe, MD, MPH  ('24)
Aref Al-Kali, MD  ('26)
Kenneth  C. Anderson, MD  ('24)
Ami  S. Bhatt, MD, PhD  ('26)
Michael Boxer, MD  ('25)
Barry  S. Coller, MD  ('27)
Michael  L. Grossbard, MD  ('26)
Parameswaran Hari, MD, MBBS  ('24)
Marc  J. Kahn, MD, FRCP, MBA  ('26)
Ankit  J. Kansagra, MD  ('25)
Judith Kleinerman, MD  ('24)
Hans  C. Lee, MD  ('26)
Brenton  G. Mar, MD, PhD  ('25)
Ann Mullally, MD  ('25)
Kanti  R. Rai, MD  ('25)
Douglas  W. Sborov, MD, MSc  ('25)
Deborah  M. Siegal, MD, MSc  ('25)
Wenru Song, MD, PhD  ('27)
Martin  S. Tallman, MD  ('27)
Alexis  A. Thompson, MD, MPH  ('27)

Ex Officio Members
Belinda Avalos, MD  ('25)  - President-Elect
Mohandas Narla, DSc  ('24)  - President
Robert Negrin, MD  ('26)  - Vice President

Titilope  Adenike Fasipe, MD, PhD  ('27)  - Member, Committee on Practice

Staff Liaison

Committee Mandate

The ASH Foundation Committee is responsible for collaborating with staff to maximize charitable support from individual donors, corporations, and charitable foundations.

The ASH Foundation Committee provides oversight and assistance with all components of the ASH Foundation, including annual membership giving appeals as well as strategies for and pursuit of leadership gift opportunities to effect meaningful philanthropic relationships with individual donors, corporations, charitable foundations, and government grantors.

Members of the ASH Foundation Committee must have an interest in fundraising and development work; have demonstrated personal philanthropic support for the ASH Foundation; be interested in assisting with major donor identification, cultivation, and stewardship processes on behalf ASH; and have demonstrated an interest in advocating for philanthropy to advance the Society and its mission – that is, they must be committed to making ASH a personal, professional, and philanthropic priority.

The ASH Foundation Committee is charged with educating ASH constituents about the Society’s fundraising priorities and opportunities while encouraging them to respond to annual and campaign-specific appeals benefiting ASH programs. In its effort to evaluate annual giving appeals, the Committee identifies mechanisms to gather periodic feedback from the ASH membership.

Another function of the ASH Foundation Committee is to advise staff about communications with ASH members and other potential donor prospects regarding the Society’s fundraising efforts. This includes periodic evaluations of ASH publications and website features pertaining to charitable giving, to ensure that such communiques are relevant and effective.

The ASH Foundation Committee structure includes a liaison position to be filled by a current member of the Committee on Practice (with a term congruent to service on parent committee). A past career enhancement award recipient (2-year term, renewable once), a past President of ASH (4-year term, renewable once), and an individual employed by industry (4-year term, renewable once) are also appointed as members of the ASH Foundation Committee.

Additionally, a member of the ASH Foundation Committee serves as a liaison member of the Committee on Communications and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.

Members of the ASH Foundation Committee are required to attend two meetings per year: one virtual meeting in the spring and one in-person meeting at ASH Headquarters in the fall.