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ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts

ASH Annual Meeting Copyright and Reuse Policy for Abstracts, Presentations, and Presentation Materials

Abstract Copyright Transfer

Authors assign copyright of the abstract to ASH upon submission, unless one of the authors is a U.S. Federal employee (in such case, ASH does not hold copyright). This means that the identical abstract may not be republished or submitted to another meeting.

Ownership of Presentation Materials

Other than abstracts, materials presented at the ASH annual meeting or requested for submission by ASH in conjunction with the annual meeting, including but not limited to posters, on-screen presentations (e.g., PowerPoint slides, pre-recorded presentations) and handouts are the intellectual property of individual presenters or entities other than ASH. Although ASH is not the copyright holder of such other presentation materials, presenters grant an exclusive license to ASH to use such other materials in connection with the presentation (see below).

Licensing Agreement for Presentation Materials

By presenting at the ASH annual meeting, presenters grant to ASH: (a) the exclusive right to broadcast, record, create plain language summaries, and otherwise use their presentation in whole or in part, including all documents, slides, or other materials displayed or distributed in connection with their presentation (collectively, the "Work"), in any media whatsoever; and (b) a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, exclusive license to re-present, reproduce, redistribute, and otherwise use (and to license others to use) the Work in any and all media throughout the world. Presenters further grant to ASH the right to use (and to license others to use) the presenter's name, image, likeness, voice, and biographical information in connection with the Work.

Reuse of ASH Annual Meeting Materials

The ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition is convened to present the best new basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological research in all areas of hematology. Material presented at the annual meeting is subject to copyright or other reuse restrictions. Information about these restrictions and guidelines on ASH’s reuse policies is provided below.

Reuse of Abstracts

Abstracts submitted to the 66th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition are copyrighted by the ѻý (ASH) and published in a supplemental issue of Blood. Other than the rights specifically granted to abstract authors (see below), any reproduction, distribution, transmission, or other use of the abstracts in whole or in part, whether by electronic, mechanical, or other means, is prohibited without the expressed written permission of ASH.

Rights Granted to Abstract Authors

ASH grants each of the abstract authors the following royalty-free rights, subject only to acknowledgment of ASH’s copyright:

  • Reprinting the abstract in print collections of the author’s own writing.
  • Reusing the abstract’s figures and tables created by the author in future works.
  • Reproducing the abstract for use in courses the author is teaching. If the author is employed by an academic institution, that institution may also reproduce the article for course teaching.
  • Distributing photocopies of the abstract to colleagues, but only for non-commercial purposes.
  • Posting a copy of the abstract on the author’s personal website, departmental website, and/or the university intranet. A hyperlink to the abstract on the Blood website must be included.
  • Presenting the abstract orally in its entirety for non-commercial purposes (subject to compliance with the ASH annual meeting’s embargo policy).
  • Using the abstract in theses and/or dissertations.

Authors reusing their own material in the above ways must include appropriate attribution and do not need to contact Blood for permission. For all other uses, the author must request permission by visiting the .

Any reproduction of the abstract in whole, or in part, must be accompanied by an acknowledgment of ASH’s copyright in the following form: © ѻý (Year). Reused with permission.

Non-Authors or other entities must obtain written permission to republish any parts of works owned by ASH prior to usage (see the “permission to reuse” section below).

Reuse of Other Presentation Materials

Pursuant to the rights granted exclusively to ASH, written permission from ASH is required to use the presentation, in whole or in part, as well as any related materials contained in, or distributed in connection with, that presentation, in any other media.

Permission to Reuse

ASH expects that all (commercial and individual) annual meeting participants will respect its intellectual property rights and use its material solely as permitted by Sections 107 and 108 of U.S. Copyright Law (Fair Use).

For permission to use an ASH annual meeting abstract or abstract-related material beyond what is permitted by Sections 107 or 108 of U.S. Copyright Law, please visit the .