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ASH Foundation

About the ASH Foundation

The ASH Foundation was established in 2012 as a division of the ѻý, a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. The foundation is governed by ASH’s Executive Committee and exists to align donors’ charitable giving interests with the mission and priorities of the Society.

Mission Statement

The ASH Foundation is dedicated to helping hematologists conquer blood diseases worldwide – moving hematology forward through charitable support for research, career development, and quality care and education programs.

Because of strong institutional support from ASH, 100 percent of all charitable donations to the ASH Foundation directly benefit programs sponsored by ASH and are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

ASH and gifts to the ASH Foundation have a tremendous impact on hematology in terms of supporting basic and clinical research, clinical care, and fostering the development of the next generation of caregivers and researchers in hematology. ASH is pursuing major initiatives in sickle cell disease, patient registries, precision medicine, immunology, and hematology workforce recruitment and retention, complementing the Society’s ongoing core competencies, including the ASH Minority Recruitment Initiative, research awards, career development and training, and global programs. For nearly sixty years, ASH has hosted the world’s preeminent hematology meeting, and the Society showcases the best research in hematology in Blood, the most cited peer-reviewed publication in the field.

Your generous support will help ASH enhance and strengthen these programs; together, we can assure that patients everywhere have access to the very finest in hematologic care. The ultimate beneficiaries of gifts to the ASH Foundation are patients battling blood diseases.

Blood is life; ASH is life-saving.