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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care

Women In Hematology Working Group

The Women in Hematology Working Group is a dedicated group of ѻý (ASH) members focused on the needs of women in hematology (WIH).

The group is focused on strengthening opportunities for recognition of the contributions of women to the field, providing networking and mentorship opportunities to women at all levels of their careers, and identifying additional opportunities to enhance ASH’s support towards women in hematology. The working group is currently focused on the following four key priorities:

Offering Career Development learning opportunities: Working to identify challenges and opportunities related to mentorship, the group explores career development topics such as retaining women in the hematology workforce, positioning women to become leaders in hematology, and supporting work-life integration and wellness.

Fostering an intentional and supportive community: ASH hosts the Women in Hematology Networking Reception as part of the annual meeting activities, where women can gather in an informal environment, interact with peers, connect with role models and potential mentors, and become inspired and empowered to overcome the challenges women face in hematology.



Providing Scholarship pathways: The group supports research efforts to elucidate how gender intersects with hematology-related biology as well as the relationship between gender and professional achievement in the field.  

Increasing Female Representation Across the Society: The working group is engaged in efforts to strengthen the visibility of and recognition for the contributions of female hematologists, including active nomination of WIH for ASH awards and committee membership positions.

New! WIH Podcast

In this episode, Tamara Dunn, MD, a clinical associate professor of medicine in the division of hematology at Stanford University in Stanford, California, and co-chair of ASH’s Women in Hematology Working Group, hosts a conversation with Toyosi Onwuemene, MD, an associate professor of medicine, specializing in hemostasis/thrombosis, at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and Nina Shah, MD, the global clinical head for multiple myeloma research and development at AstraZeneca. They talk about career choices and opportunities for women in hematology, both in academic medicine and industry. Support for this episode provided by .

2023 ASH Members of Women in Hematology Working Group

Tamara Dunn, MD
Ariela Marshall, MD

Allison Wheeler, MD
Anna Marneth, PhD
Anjlee Mahajan, MD*
Audrey Sigmund, MD
Becky Zon, MD
Bethany Samuelson Bannow, MD
Brittany Ragon, MD
Catherine Lai, MD
Christine Sekaggya-Wiltshire, MD
Glaivy Batsuli, MD
Heather O’Leary, PhD
Henny Billett, MD
Hetty Carraway, MD
Imo Akpan, MD
Jennifer Woyach, MD
Kate Markey, MBBS, PhD
Kathryn Lurain, MD
Maria Velez-Yanguas, MD
Marisa Brake, PhD
Montreh Tavakkoli, MD
Oksana Motalo, MD
Rebecca Olin, MD
Sarah O’Brien, MD*
Wan-Jen Hong, MD
Xu Han, PhD*
Jennifer Cooperrider, MD*

*signify volunteer liaisons


The Future of Women in Academic Hematology:

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Women in Hematology (WIH) Working Group is hosting a special virtual discussion to explore the most pressing issues faced by women in academic hematology. Join Dr. Tamara Dunn and Dr. Ariela Marshall, co-chairs of WIH, for an hour long recorded event, moderated by Dr. Jane N. Winter, ASH President. Connect with leading women hematologists, learn how they balance their successful professional careers with their personal lives, and discuss what efforts are underway to help the next generation of hematologist be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Mentorship Webinar in celebration of Women’s History Month:

Join us to hear from two mentor/mentee dyads about the strategies that have led them to have a strong, long-lasting, and successful relationship!

Presentations at Annual Meeting:

Women in Hematology Networking Dinner Presentation by Dr. Salles under 2022 DEI sessions

As part of ASH's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Society has made a series of complimentary sessions on an array of DEI topics available on ASH Academy On Demand. Additionally, one of ASH's core priorities is the right to maternal health care – to that end, presentations on advocacy and maternal health are also available. If you missed any or wish to revisit them, tune in today!

Women in Hematology Reception at the ASH Annual Meeting

Dr. Salles, attendees, and ASH staff at Women in Hematology Networking Session

The networking reception provides a space where all can gather in an informal environment, interact with peers, connect with role models and potential mentors, and become inspired and empowered to overcome the challenges women face in hematology.