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James H. Jandl (1925-2006)

James H. Jandl
Xu Han, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Case Western University

James H. Jandl, MD, was one of the world's premier experimental hematologists and a leading writer of hematology texts. His conduct of science set a standard that informed and inspired a generation of trainees who had the good fortune of working with him. Dr. Jandl’s intellect was as deep as it was broad. He had uncanny insights into underlying biologic mechanisms and, by a combination of reasoning and instinct, could design the experiment most apt to produce a conclusive result.

Dr. Jandl received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 1949. During his residency at Boston City Hospital, he came under the aegis of William Castle, who served as his mentor for the next two decades, playing a critical role in developing and fostering his interest in the red blood cell.

Jandl took full advantage of the wealth of pathology at the Boston City Hospital and focused with laser-like intensity on inherited and acquired disorders of the red blood cell.