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ѻý Historical Documents

View the historical documents featured below to learn more about the history of the ѻý (ASH), including the formation of the Society, its annual meeting, and its journal Blood.

A Narrative History of ASH
This narrative history was written in the late 1970s by historian and former ASH President Thomas Hale Ham, MD, in cooperation with James L. Tullis, MD.

Narrative History of ASH by Thomas Hale Ham

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ASH: Past, Present, and Future
Written in the early 1970s by former ASH President J. Fraser Mustard, PhD, this document covers the early history of ASH as well as future opportunities for growth.

Past Present and Future of ASH

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Forward in First Issue of Blood
This foreward was written by Nobel Prize winner George R. Minot, MD, and published in December 1945 in the first issue of Blood.

Forward in the first issue of Blood

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